Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to Find and Use Long Tail Keywords with Keyword Elite and Google Instant Search Chrome Algorithm

Developing Panda proof content and quality content overall will help you to thrive amidst any changes that Google makes to its algorithm.
One of the ways to do this involves targeting a wide variety of long tail phrases in each post on your blog.
Long tail queries are key phrases that are entered into search engines. For example, “cheap dog bandanas Atlanta” is a long tail query. These have numerous advantages to marketers. For one, if you sell dog bandanas and target this keyword on your site, it is highly likely that people who visit the site via that phrase will want to buy your product.

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Shorter keywords may get lots of visitors. However those may be visitors who are only looking for information so you don't earn a lot. They are not yet interested in buying anything. Some of these visitors may return later on and make a purchase but that is not very likely. Even if they get information, they may buy from a competitor’s site.

This means that using a variety of terms in your post increases your chances of getting a visitor who is interested in buying something. Your content also becomes more relevant to searchers and more likely to be favored in the search rankings and survive changes such as Google Panda.

You should look at Google Instant Search when you are planning your content. This search enhancement supplies internet users with suggestions when they start entering a key phrase. In order to save time, people who are searching sometimes just go along with the limited suggestions for search the Google provides to them.

This negatively affects users who are targeting longer terms, since the second, third or fourth word may not be entered. Instead, companies that already rank highly for the first or the first and second word get more of the traffic. Research suggests that Google Instant Search has cut long tail queries by 15% or more. You may help recover some of this traffic by using the suggestions in your own content.

Serve Customers Better by Using Autosuggest Plus Other Long Tail Terms
Google Instant Search negatively affects people who are searching, since they actually take a little longer to get to their ideal result. For example, if someone is looking for kitchen rugs that won’t fade, they are likely to type in “No fade rugs for kitchens”.

This search term would be targeted by people who sell that specific product. People who are searching for kitchen rugs that don’t fade easily and enter that term would quickly be able to find what they are looking for. However that only happens if they are not distracted by Google Instant Search.

The bottom line is that Google Instant Search can be useful. However it must be utilized wisely when creating Panda proof content. Clicking on suggested results will not always be beneficial to people who are searching for specific information so you should always include long tail terms in your content.

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