Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ravenwood Fair 2D Fantasy Game

Ravenwood Fair is an online game which is a favorite among Facebook users. There is no cost to play Ravenwood Fair. The game is totally free. It belongs to the 2D fantasy themed building management genre and was created by LOLapps.

Ravenwood Fair is a favorite among persons who like building things, although it may be a bit too cute for some. In the game, players construct a home within a wild forest. The forest is haunted by creepy creatures. Trees in the forest, while they may be a hindrance, can also be a source of wood for building. The trees also supply food and quest items which help in the game.

Ravenwood Fair players have a large selection of buildings to choose from. Buildings are bought with wood. Players also choose from a variety of decorations to use with their buildings. When a building looks very interesting, it is going to attract more visitors. Pulling visitors is important in the game.

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